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Hello my lovely followers! FOR THE NEXT 24 DAYS YOU CAN PURCHASE A RADICAL SHIRT OR HOODIE THAT I DESIGNED, both uni-sex and both are the epitome of my blog and personality:) Because this is my first time trying this, I’m using a site to do my orders though, catch is if I dont get at least 30 orders no shirts will be printed, so please check em out and share!:D IF YOU DO BUY ONE, Send me a pic of you(or an animal, object, ect.) wearing it and Ill post you on my blog and instagram with a promo to your page! MUCH LOVE, Here is the site to place an order…

OH! and P.S. Whom ever sends in the best pic with the shirt will get a full refund for it, by me, soooo yo could be FREE SHIT.  

Only one pic per shirt please. You can send pic entry’s with your URLs to, have to re-blog to be eligible for the refund.

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